An archive photo of the city of Marcianise, October 25, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/CESARE ABBATE
An archive photo of the city of Marcianise, October 25, 2020 | Photo: ANSA/CESARE ABBATE

The municipality of Marcianise, in the southern Italian Campania region, will host a program called 'Aula 162' to help people in need, including refugees and migrants, find a job. The project provides free training and employment opportunities, organizers said.

An Italian project aimed at helping people in need find employment will open in Marcianise, in the province of Caserta, organizers said at a presentation on April 22.

The program called 'Aula 162' organizes free training courses for people in need, including refugees and migrants, in order to help them find employment in companies looking for workers.

The program was first launched in Milan at the beginning of this year and has just been activated in Parma.

Nearly 50 people have found employment since the initiative kicked off at the beginning of this year.

The project, developed by Associazione Next with the support of Procter & Gamble, was presented on April 22 at an event at Caserta's diocesan library. The event was attended by Bishop Pietro Lagnese and Mayor Carlo Marino, among others.

'A very useful project'

Father Antonello Giannotti, the director of the local Catholic charity Caritas in Caserta, attended the event to launch the project. Caritas, a partner of the program in Marcianise, chose the participants, including workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic and women in need.

The unemployment rate in the area of Caserta is 16.9% compared to 17.9% in the Campania region and 10.2% at the national level, according to national statistics bureau ISTAT.

"This is a project of great usefulness for society because it promotes connections between companies looking for qualified personnel and people in need who, through courses, will be requalified and trained for the job they will have to do," Giannotti said.

The courses will be mainly attended by people who have lost a job due to the Covid emergency, youths who left school and are therefore not qualified, allowing them to look for employment, women who have been victims of violence, refugees and migrants, he said.

Sustainable future for all

"With the project 'Aula 162', said Renzo Sartori, president of Number1 and Associazione Next, "we are taking a step forward, opening of a classroom in Marcianise and soon in other Italian cities; this project generates a positive impact on the territory and represents real added value for companies."

Riccardo Calvi, director of communication at Procter & Gamble in Italy, said the project "Aula 162" is part of a "the program of entrepreneurial citizenship 'P&G per l'Italia' through which we intend to contribute in a concrete way to create in Italy a sustainable future for all, at a social and environmental level so no person is left behind."

The project will involve Caserta Randstad Italia, a partner that will provide training and will help relocate people in the labor market, and Eurocarrelli srl of Giuseppe Iannotta. The latter will provide the space and technical training for the course's participants.


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