Migrants outside the 'Gran Ghetto', the tent camp in the countryside between San Severo and Rignano Garganico | Photo: ARCHIVE ANSA / FRANCO CAUTILLO
Migrants outside the 'Gran Ghetto', the tent camp in the countryside between San Severo and Rignano Garganico | Photo: ARCHIVE ANSA / FRANCO CAUTILLO

Authorities in the southern Italian city of Foggia have activated a security patrol service at the so-called 'Gran Ghetto' in Torre Antonacci, a makeshift migrant camp, after three migrants were shot in the night between April 25 and 25 and following the attempted theft of gasoline.

Armed guards will be patrolling the area of the makeshift migrant camp known as 'Gran Ghetto' in the Foggia area of Torretta Antonacci, the local prefect Raffaele Grassi said on April 28.

The decision was taken after two incidents were reported in the area of the makeshift settlement in the countryside between Foggia and San Severo: the attempted theft of gasoline used for power at the camp, and an armed attack against three migrants, including a Malian man who lost an eye.

Work to improve roads

The prefect said in a statement that work has been ordered for "infrastructural interventions aimed at improving the accessibility and security of roads" in the area, which will be carried out by the province.

The province has also "pledged to evaluate the possibility of ensuring street lighting", it added. Moreover, the note also said, "thanks to interventions planned by the Puglia region" and electricity giant "Enel, in the regional hosting area the supply of electrical energy will soon be guaranteed by the ordinary distribution network and not by a generator anymore."

Wounded man partially lost eyesight, union FLAI-CGIL

Sinayogo B., a 30-year-old Malian, has lost use of an eye and has face injuries after being attacked in the night between Sunday and Monday in the area of Borgo La Rocca, in the countryside near Foggia. Sinayogo B. was shot while he was in a car with another two migrants by assailants in another vehicle. The attackers used a shotgun, officials said.

Daniele Iacovelli, the secretary general of Italian farmworkers' labor union FLAI-CGIL in Foggia, said the man partially lost his eyesight. Iacovelli also spoke about another accidental fire reported on April 27 at the ghetto in Borgo Mezzanone. The fire destroyed seven shacks. Nobody was injured.

Denouncing the exploitation of migrant farmworkers in the area by gangmasters, the union leader said "there are evident and clear responsibilities". "We remember very well the words of Prefect Raffaele Grassi" who said during "one of several meetings that there are gangmasters in this land because they are useful to some", Iacovelli also said.

The unionist announced that on April 30 farmworkers will strike in the Puglia city of Bari. "A delegation from the settlement of Rignano and Borgo Mezzanone will be with us to talk about what happened, which cannot and must not continue", he concluded.


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