A group of boy scouts in Genoa has decided to help migrants get food, clothes and information as part of an initiative in Ventimiglia, in northern Italy. The scouts describe the migrant situation in the city as "absurd."

Boy scouts in Genoa have decided to help migrants get food, clothes and information as part of a project in Ventimiglia, in Italy's northern Liguria province.  The ideas were proposed on May 13 in a meeting in the city in which scouts, volunteers and citizens took part.

''We began a few years ago to get interested in the situation of migrants in Ventimiglia. We got informed and did brief periods of service,'' a 20-year-old scout from the Genova 5 group of the AGESCI Italian association of Catholic scouts and guides told ANSAmed. 

His ''clan'', which includes young men between the ages of 16 and 20, is among those behind the idea for the project. For the long Easter weekend, the men spent five days in Ventimiglia to offer their help to migrants. ''Once back in Genoa, we did not want to simply return to our normal lives. We wanted to give some sort of continuity to these initiatives by involving other youths,'' he said.

Ideas to help migrants

The scouts have many ideas and are passionate about turning them into reality. The most important as well as the most complicated idea is to 'create a food distribution point in Ventimiglia - at least on weekends -  which different groups can take turns to organize. Another idea is to create a hub to supply clothes to migrants. The scouts said they would also like to coordinate with other groups 'offering information to scouts on duty in Ventimiglia. 

''We are aware of how difficult it will be to turn these ideas into reality,'' the scouts told ANSAmed. Local associations are already helping them, they say, and other young scouts and citizens have offered help as well. 

''We now have to get back to those people who have said they want to get involved and begin to draw up a calendar, get the necessary authorizations and solve the bureaucratic issues... 'The situation is absurd'' in Ventimiglia, he said. ''We just decided to get involved, because this is not the world we want," he told ANSAmed.

The group aims to begin with its project in June and continue at least throughout the summer.


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