Migrants on the riverbed of the Roja River in Ventimiglia | Photo: Archive/ANSA
Migrants on the riverbed of the Roja River in Ventimiglia | Photo: Archive/ANSA

The mayor of Ventimiglia on the border between France and Italy is calling for night patrols to prevent migrant flows from "causing problems of public order" in the city. He also criticized the Italian government for allowing the problems to continue.

Ventimiglia Mayor Gaetano Scullino has called on the prefect of Imperia, Alberto Intini, to implement "night patrols made up of law enforcement and cultural mediators" as soon as possible in the Italian city. He said the patrols were needed to prevent migrant flows from "causing problems of public order" due to "dangerous or drunk" people.

The request is contained in a long document signed by 16 other city administrators and politicians from six majority parties (Brothers of Italy, League, Forza Italia, mixed group, Scullino civic list, Ventimiglia in the Heart) that was sent on Wednesday to the government representative. The document highlighted the situation of public order that has developed in the city.

"I trust that organized groups made up of law enforcement and cultural mediators will be implemented as soon as possible, that will, on foot patrols above all in the evening and at night, explain to migrants their necessary rights and responsibilities, imposing upon them the need to comply with rules or risk expulsion, and the opportunities," the document said.

No to migrant centers

Scullino said it is a priority for "institutions to join with my city in condemning violent episodes of any nature and type perpetrated by migrants against citizens and by citizens against migrants." He also called for activating all regional and national channels to redistribute the weight of migratory flows on other already existing centers.

Scullino reiterated his opposition to a migrant center that is "slapdash, set up just to set it up, that isn't able to insure integration but that, on the contrary, creates ghettoes, abandonment, and only serves as a cover, as 'change made so that nothing changes'."

'Ministry cannot block flows to Ventimiglia'

"The ministry should realize that it cannot completely block migratory flows on trains to Ventimiglia" Scullino said in the document criticizing the government.

"I call for clearly sharing the position and the responsibilities of a mayor, which is certainly not that of managing migrant flows that neither Europe nor our minister is able to manage," he said.

"A mayor responds to the laws and his citizens, he can't be limited in difficult or emergency cases such as this. I'm sorry to have to announce that I will no longer accept, [...] statements that underestimate the problem, as unfortunately has been the case thus far," he wrote.


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