Migrants discovered inside a truck in Italy | Photo: archive/ANSA/police press office
Migrants discovered inside a truck in Italy | Photo: archive/ANSA/police press office

Italian authorities have arrested a Serbian citizen accused of taking two migrants to Italy illegally, including a 15-year-old. Sources said the migrants were hidden inside the refrigerated part of a truck driven by the suspect that had left from a port in Greece.

A 38-year-old Serbian citizen was arrested on the A14 highway by police near the northern Italian city of Forlì. The Serb is suspected of illegally taking a 15-year-old of Afghan origin and a 33-year-old Iranian into Italy in his refrigerated truck, sources said on Tuesday (June 22).

The Serbian hid the two migrants inside the refrigerated part of his truck, which was transporting cheese. According to the sources, the migrants were cold but in good condition.

Discovery made by police

Highway patrol on Tuesday night drove to the highway service area of 'Montefeltro' after a gas station attendant called the police when he heard sounds coming from a refrigerated truck parked near the gas station.

The driver, who had arrived at the port of Ancona and was driving to Germany after departing two days earlier from a Greek port, told policemen that he had heard sounds from inside his truck and had stopped to see what was going on.

However, the officers did not believe him as they found that the merchandise had been loaded inside the lorry in order to leave spaces where people could hide.

Measures on migrants

The 38-year-old suspect was subsequently arrested on charges of aiding and abetting irregular immigration and taken to jail after judicial authorities issued a preventive arrest warrant.

After a medical checkup, the teen migrant was entrusted to the care of social services in the Italian city of Rimini; the adult, on the other hand, was issued an expulsion order for entering the country irregularly.


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