A migrant ship rescued by finance police in Reggio Calabria | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA
A migrant ship rescued by finance police in Reggio Calabria | Photo: ARCHIVE/ANSA

The southern Italian region of Calabria has obtained about one million euros to fund a project to fight human trafficking as well as sexual and labor exploitation, begging, arranged marriages, organ trafficking.

The Calabria region has obtained from the presidency of the council of ministers funding for €1,066,000 euros to refinance the project "Incipit" (Calabrian initiative for the identification, protection and social inclusion of trafficking victims). That's according to a statement from the regional government on June 26.

The initiative was created in 2016 to prevent, identify and fight the phenomenon of human trafficking affecting people of different nationalities who are exploited in numerous environments and often forced to live in a condition of subservience and slavery.

Regional Welfare Councilor Gianluca Gallo said on June 26 that "it is certainly a relevant result obtained thanks to the work and determination of the department for the safeguard of health and of the sector of immigration and social inclusion. With the funds obtained we will be able to bring forward, together with a network of public and private actors who have been operating in this context for years, fundamental actions to fight phenomena like sexual and labor exploitation, begging, arranged marriages, organ trafficking."

Projects against labor exploitation

Such issues, the councilor said, are often "connected to labor exploitation in agriculture, regarding which, under the principle of complementarity, the region has promoted two other important projects, 'Supreme Italia' and' Più Supreme', through a close collaboration with four additional southern regions: Basilicata, Campania, Puglia, Sicily."

The regional project Incipit, the councilor said, involves seven organizations "registered as associations and agencies working in favor of immigrant foreigners, which are active on the ground in implementing measures that range from the identification and recognition of victims -- effective or potential -- to the assistance and protection for their social-labor reintegration, to the monitoring and analysis of the phenomenon, to reception both in a residential manner and through territorial hosting, without foregoing awareness and training activities."

'Migrations multiply exploitation cases'

Gallo concluded that "the intensification of migratory phenomena multiplies cases of violence and exploitation, in particular at the expense of women and minors."

"Setting up a dam is essential, through concrete actions and decided measures: in the difficult but fundamental work to counter the progress of human traffickers, Calabria will continue to play its part," he said.


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