From file: Deportation of rejected asylum seekers from Germany to Afghanistan | Photo: Picutre-alliance
From file: Deportation of rejected asylum seekers from Germany to Afghanistan | Photo: Picutre-alliance

In light of the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, refugee charity Pro Asyl has urged the German Federal Foreign Office to prepare a new status report and take into account the developments of the past few weeks.

The German refugee rights organization Pro Asyl has demanded a three-month suspension of deportations to Afghanistan as well as a new status report regarding the security situation in the country. 

Due to the recent withdrawal of NATO troops in the region, the German foreign office should put together a new report assessing the current security situation, Pro Asyl said, adding that the security situation in the Hindu Kush is becoming more and more dangerous with the advance of the Taliban. So far, the interior ministries of the federal states not acted on this, Pro Asyl continued.

In a statement the organization said that the report must address the "escalating developments in the past few weeks."

In addition, the organization called for a deportation flight from Hannover, which is apparently planned for today (July 6), to be stopped. To deport people to Afghanistan under the current conditions would be irresponsible, Pro Asyl stated.

Worsening security situation in Afghanistan 

Pro Asyl's managing director Günter Burkhardt described a new status report from the Foreign Office for Afghanistan as "long overdue." The latest report dates back from July 2020. However, since then the security situation in Afghanistan has become more and more dangerous with the withdrawal of international soldiers and the advance of the Taliban.

People deported from Germany are at high risk of persecution by the Taliban in Afghanistan: They are often accused of treason, westernization, immorality or turning away from Islam because of their flight to Europe, according to expert Friederieke Stahlmann. Stahlmann recently published the findings of her study "Experiences and Perspectives of Deported Afghans in the Context of Current Political and Economic Developments in Afghanistan" which was published by Diakonie Deutschland, a social welfare organization of Germany’s Protestant churches, and the Bread for the World charity.

The ongoing persecution of people who have an affiliation with European states has also been illustrated in the recent arrival of Afghani nationals who assisted the German Bundeswehr. Locals who worked with the occupying forces have been branded "traitors" by the Taliban, due to the increased risk some are now eligible to claim asylum in Germany as part of a government program.

According to the United Nations, more than 570 people died in attacks, targeted killings and assaults by armed groups in Afghanistan between January and March, and more than 1,200 were injured


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