Migrants near Tiburtina railway station in Rome, Italy | Photo: ANSA/Massimo Percossi
Migrants near Tiburtina railway station in Rome, Italy | Photo: ANSA/Massimo Percossi

Baobab Experience said that authorities cleared its makeshift facilities at Rome's Tiburtina station, for the '41st time in six years'. The organizations provides aid to homeless migrants in the area.

The Rome-based migrant aid association Baobab Experience said on Wednesday morning (June 14) that it experienced "a new clearing of the area in piazzale Spadolini, near Tiburtina station."

"This is the 41st clearing in six years that Baobab has suffered," said Andrea Costa, a coordinator with the association. "They knocked everything down in the name of upgrading in a time in which men, women and children continue to arrive... They sealed off the area, they knocked down tables that we were using for meals, and a police patrol will remain."

"Recently we were helping on a daily basis nearly 150 people, of whom 50 were stable and about a hundred in transit, giving them two meals a day," Costa said. "We will continue to be here at Tiburtina to give health assistance, legal assistance and information to men, women and children who, when they arrive, find a lack of institutional services."

Costa claimed that the organization had they had tried to contact the local mayor, Federica Angeli, via mail and phone, but had not received a response.

Food for homeless migrants

Baobab Experience provides support for homeless people -- primarily migrants -- living near Tiburtina station, located in the northeast of Rome. They distribute meals to people and offer them -- or connect them with organizations that provide -- legal advice or medical help.

In a post on Facebook on June 13, the association harshly criticized the placing of some planters in the spaces of the station where their area was set up and where migrants and homeless people were staying.

"The company that manages the stations, Grandi Stazioni, is sending an unmistakable message and sending it to us with planters of questionable taste and not at all indiscreet. It doesn't like that homeless people exist, or rather, it doesn't like that homeless people are seen, or, even better, it doesn't like that homeless people are seen at the entrance to its properties. But we want to assure Grandi Stazioni that the homeless people don't like being homeless either, and that Baobab Experience itself doesn't like that men, women and children in transit, international protection holders and asylum seekers are forced to lie on the outdoor pavement of a railway station," Baobab Experience wrote.


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