'Now it's like a grave': Afghan women tell FRANCE 24 of their fears for the future

FRANCE 24's continuing coverage of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan brings you a special edition this Friday dedicated to the plight of women and girls, "Afghanistan: Women's voices". In this exclusive report from Kabul, FRANCE 24's Catherine Norris-Trent and Cyril Payen talk to Afghan women who detail their experiences of living under Taliban rule and describe how deeply they now fear for the future.

Our reporters met with an Afghan women's rights activist in hiding who described her dismay after the Taliban seized control in Afghanistan and explained how she now fears for her life. "I've heard all the stories from my family and the people who have lived during the first Taliban regime, and the things I hear make me even more afraid," she said.

Her 21-year-old cousin trembled as she expressed her own fear of the future and her sadness thinking of the life she had, her job, a good salary. "The first day, when the Taliban came into Kabul...I couldn't breathe," she explained. "All my studies, all my background. Now, it's like a grave."

To watch FRANCE 24's special report from Kabul, click on the video player above.

Text initially published on: France 24


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