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Today's news

German officials have exposed a scam in which thousands of German men have been paid money to claim paternity for immigrant women's children. A new project shows realities of the migrant crisis and the EU gets serious about tackling terror in West Africa. Read more in today's roundup.

Germany sees growing 'fake father' racket for migrants: Officials have said that there are thousands of cases of men claiming paternity for money and expedited visa procedures. Legally prosecuting them, however, remains a gray area. Click here to read more.

RefugeeCameras project shows realities of migrant crisis in photographic detail: Documenting the refugee crisis authentically requires more than just a good eye. Photographer Kevin McElvaney gave cameras to migrants to take photos of their journeys to Europe. The images are now part of an exhibition. Click here to read more.

EU commits $50 million to combat terrorism in West Africa: The vast Sahel region south of the Sahara is a breeding ground for terrorism, since security gaps between territories loom large. EU funding aims to enhance regional cooperation against jihadist terrorists and druglords. Click here  to read more.

DW's 'Migration Dilemma' builds dialogue in West Africa: Thousands of people have died in the Mediterranean Sea while seeking more sustainable living conditions in Europe. Despite various efforts by African and EU governments to curb migration, little has changed for refugees. Click here to read more.


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