A German police officer signals to vehicles near the border with Austria
A German police officer signals to vehicles near the border with Austria

German police found 16 migrants, mostly minors, in an articulated lorry in the southern state of Middle Franken (Bavaria) on Saturday, November 13. The migrants are believed to be from Afghanistan.

The driver of the lorry said he heard knocks coming from the back of his trailer at about 3:30 pm on November 13, states a press release from the Mittelfranken police in Bavaria.

The driver, who had stopped in a lorry park just off motorway 3 in the southern German state, called the traffic police from the nearby town of Erlangen and opened up the trailer. Inside, states the police report, there were five adults and 11 minors, believed to be from Afghanistan.

Health checks

After health checks, the police sent them to various welcome centers, states the report, published on Saturday. An investigation into how they got into the lorry will be carried out by Nuremberg’s criminal police investigation team.

According to the German press agency dpa, the police believe that the migrants got on to the lorry somewhere in eastern Europe. A spokesperson for the police told dpa that they don’t think the driver was involved in knowingly transporting the migrants.

In the past, police have found migrants often climbed on to lorries in Bulgaria or Romania, before being transported through Austria or the Czech Republic into Germany.

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