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Today's news

Australia will pay damages to refugees who said they were badly treated at a camp in Papua New Guinea. We run you through basic definitions related to immigration and take you to a museum in Berlin that lets refugees relive their heritage. All this in today's roundup.

Australia agrees to pay A$70 million to Manus Island refugees: Australia has reached a settlement with 1,905 asylum seekers who sued over their treatment in a Papua New Guinea immigration camp. The landmark class action settlement is the largest in the country's history. Click here to read more.

Glossary of terms : asylum seekers, refugees, migration: Migrant, refugee, asylum seeker, and immigrant: these varied terms have got even experts confused. Here is a list of terms used in Germany in the context of migration. Click here to read more.

Multaka project provides tours of museums in Berlin to refugees: A project in Berlin aims to provide newly-arrived Arabic-speaking refugees free tours of museums in Germany's capital. It also trains the refugees to be volunteer tour guides. Click here  to read more.

Children on the Move: Refugees and experts reassess the future of young migrants: At the Children on the Move global conference in Berlin, NGO representatives and youth delegates called for the abolition of child detention. In Germany, quick access to education was found to be the biggest hindrance. Click here to read more.


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