A police control in Porto Empedocle, Agrigento | Photo: ANSA / CARMELO IMBESI
A police control in Porto Empedocle, Agrigento | Photo: ANSA / CARMELO IMBESI

Police in the Sicilian city of Porto Empedocle have arrested six people who are accused of raping minors. All suspects are Egyptian citizens and five are under 18. The victims were also foreign minors.

Police in Porto Empedocle, Agrigento, arrested on Friday (December 10) six Egyptian nationals, including five minors, on gang rape and abduction charges. The victims were also foreign minors who were allegedly raped in a hosting center in the town of Siculania near Agrigento, investigative sources said.

The State attorney's office of Agrigento and the juvenile division of Palermo were scheduled to request a judge later on Friday to confirm the arrests and to continue to investigate the case.

New episodes of sexual abuse, abduction and crimes against property could emerge as the probe continues, according to investigative sources.

Ten minors reported abuse

About 10 minors, including Egyptians and Tunisians, reported the suspects to the police in Porto Empedocle, saying they were raped in the hosting center Villa Sikania in Siculiana.

The alleged victims said that during the night, almost on a daily basis, a gang including the Egyptian adult and minors went into their rooms in the hosting center and raped them.

After the complaints were filed, officers of the "Frontiera" police office of Porto Empedocle opened an investigation coordinated by Agrigento prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio and by prosecutors at the juvenile court in Palermo.

State attorneys decided to order the suspects' arrests to prevent them from potentially abusing more minors or fleeing.

Many left Villa Sikania

Many have fled from Villa Sikania, where migrants are monitored against Covid-19, investigative sources said. The facility has no recreational spaces and is overcrowded.

When one guest tests positive all the other migrants have to quarantine. The facility is an exception also because it hosts adults together with minors.

Many protests have been held in villa Sikania by migrants over poor living conditions, especially in the summer.


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