A migrant demonstration in Castel Volturno | Photo: Cesare Abbate/Ansa
A migrant demonstration in Castel Volturno | Photo: Cesare Abbate/Ansa

The Italian NCO Consortium has delivered food packages to migrants near Naples through an initiative titled 'Facciamo un Pacco alla Camorra'. The project also aims to fight illegal gangs.

Aiming to renew relations and to provide support to the area's large migrant population, AgriCultura launched a new project called 'Facciamo un Pacco alla Camorra.'

The title is a play on words, which primarily means "Let's swindle Camorra" -- referring to the name of the mafia in the Campania region -- but can also mean "Let's pack up Camorra."

On Wednesday (December 29), volunteers delivered 1,000 food packages to the municipality of Castel Volturno as well as to different organizations and facilities in the area including the Tam Tam basketball team. The league is composed mainly of mostly African adolescents born in Castel Volturno to foreign parents without Italian citizenship.

In addition, a hub for social and work integration has also been established at the NCO Consortium headquarters as part of the initiative.

The AgriCultura project

The food package donation was the first public activity of the 'Facciamo un Pacco alla Camorra' program.

The goals of the 'AgriCultura - Cultivating Rights' program include the promotion of economic and housing autonomy through a new social model with a specialized staff of social operators, linguistic and cultural mediators as well as community entertainers.

NCO Consortium President Simmaco Perillo said the food package program coveyed a message of integration and inclusion in society: "By strengthening the prevention as well as the fight against exploitation of migrant workers, we want to help create a community of solidarity," Perillo said.

Prevention and health protection

Another aim of the 'Pacco alla Camorra' program is to spread a culture of prevention and health protection.

To this end, a mobile health unit participated in the initiative to raise awareness on the prevention of infectious diseases (COVID-19, infectious and sexually transmitted diseases), distributing personal protective equipment and administering prevention tests.

The AgriCultura project is a result of the joint planning between the Region of Campania and a large social network in collaboration with the NCO Consortium together with municipalities, trade associations, trade unions, local health departments and universities.


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