Eleven men in Hungary have went on trial over the freezer truck deaths of 71 migrants. Syrian refugees have revealed a peace proposal in Rome and Amnesty International has pushed for more aid for South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

Trial starts for men charged with freezer truck deaths of 71 migrants: The trial into the deaths of 71 migrants found in an abandoned truck in Austria in 2015 has opened. The horrific scope of the incident shocked Europe during the height of the migrant crisis. Click here to read more

Syrian refugees in Lebanon present peace proposal in Rome: Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon have created a Syrian peace proposal, which they presented to the Italian Parliament in Rome on the occasion of World Refugee Day. Click here  to read more

Amnesty urges more aid to South Sudanese refugees in Uganda: Ahead of the Uganda Solidarity Summit on Refugees, which will be held June 22-23 in Kampala, Amnesty International has spoken out against the lack of support to Uganda to help deal with the over 900,000 refugees there. These refugees have fled from the brutal conflict in South Sudan. Read more here 

Fact check: Rumors about Germany: There is a lot of false information circulating on the internet about life in Germany, giving a wrong impression to refugees and potential migrants. In our series "Fact check: rumors about Germany" we respond to these rumors and provide you with verified facts and figures! Click here  to watch the video.


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