Migrants hosted in Basilicata at a training course | Photo: ANSA
Migrants hosted in Basilicata at a training course | Photo: ANSA

The prefect of Matera held a meeting with representatives from law enforcement, associations, labor unions and other government agencies in which the need for migrant housing emerged as a key priority.

The Territorial Migration Council in the province of Matera will intensify its work on various levels to raise awareness about the housing needs of migrants. Following a meeting on January 12 chaired by Matera Prefect Sante Copponi, the need for quality housing for migrants emerged as a priority.

The meeting was attended by representatives from law enforcement, associations, trade unions, Italian social security agency INPS, the country's Labor Inspectorate and the provincial school office.

Need for housing predominantly regards those in farming

During the meeting, it emerged that migrant housing regards mainly those working in farming in the Metaponto Plain area. "It is a long-standing problem, characterized by precarious accommodation in abandoned farmhouses and in extremely precarious dilapidated ruins with poor health, environmental and social conditions," a statement from the meeting said.

Representatives of the associations and trade unions called for drafting an administrative procedure to provide for the completion of the migrant reception centre at the 'Città della Pace' facility in Scanzano Jonico in the province of Matera, using monies from the government's PON Legalità fund.

'Create a permanent observatory'

The prefect assured that he would contact the regional government to ascertain the administrative status of the case and ask for information on when it would be defined.

He also reserved the right to call a meeting of the Territorial Council on a monthly basis, "in order to create a sort of permanent observatory aimed at joint examination between institutions, volunteer associations, trade associations, farming organisations, and trade unions, regarding problems related to specific issues, such as illegal hiring."


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