FdI MP, Francesco Lollobrigida | Photo: ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI
FdI MP, Francesco Lollobrigida | Photo: ANSA/MASSIMO PERCOSSI

The Italian right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party has said that migrant detainees, about 30% of the prison population in Italy, should serve a sentence in their country of origin to avoid overcrowding in Italian prisons.

The right-wing nationalist Brothers of Italy (FdI) party has proposed a new plan under which migrant detainees, about 30% of the prison population, would serve time in their country of origin.

The proposal was made during a congress held on Tuesday (February 8) at the Senate. The congress titled "Report prisons" was also attended by representatives of the main unions of penitentiary police.

"We have presented a resolution to charge to States the cost of foreign detainees jailed in Italy, who are 20,000 out of a total of 50,000 and who have a daily cost of €130," said FdI Lower House Whip Francesco Lollobrigida.

'Those who have committed crimes in Italy must be sent back home'

FdI Senator Patrizio La Pietra stressed that a visit to prisons across Tuscany "had the objective of verifying the conditions of those working inside, with particular attention to the activity of penitentiary police, given that the focus is always only on the conditions of detainees.

"The context that emerged" from the visit "is unfortunately dramatic," the Senator said.

He claimed that, "according to the information observed, the main problem is not overcrowding" in prisons "but the number of foreign detainees, which represents about 65/70% of the total," according to La Pietra.

The head of the justice department of the rightist nationalist party, lawmaker Andrea Delmastro, stressed that "regarding overcrowding, FdI is for a new prison construction plan and to send back home to their country of origin those who committed crimes in Italy, in order to finally solve this situation and in order for officers not to feel abandoned by the State anymore."


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