A dose of Covid vaccine | Photo: Rafayat Haque Khan/Imago/Zuma
A dose of Covid vaccine | Photo: Rafayat Haque Khan/Imago/Zuma

A doctor in the southern Italian city of Bari has received an award for administering a record 25,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines with her mobile team. Their goal: To reach the most fragile members of the community, including migrants at reception centers and Afghan refugees.

Doctor Antonella Spica was given an award by the mayor of the Puglia city of Bari, Antonio Decaro, on Tuesday (February 15), for administering 25,000 doses of anti-coronavirus vaccines with her mobile team -- a record in Italy.

Spica works for public health office ASL's department of prevention as a vaccinator. She reportedly focused her efforts on the most fragile members of the population, including migrants in CARA reception centers, Afghan refugees, patients with physical and psychiatric disorders, and families living in Roma camps.

'I only did my job'

"Doctor Spica represents perfectly the everyday hero, together with many of her colleagues who saved our lives in the past two years, mainly with their sacrifice and dedication to work and public healthcare", the mayor said.

Spica thanked the ASL, her colleagues and the mayor, saying: "I only did my job".

A letter accompanying the award said the doctor represented the "best" of the region of Puglia because of her solidarity and courage.

"Medical professionals like doctor Spica remind us of the value of a job that is a mission. Her strength, determination, abnegation must set the example for her colleagues and for all of us," the letter concluded.


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