More than 3 million people have fled the war in Ukraine to neighboring countries | Photo: IOM/Safa Msehli
More than 3 million people have fled the war in Ukraine to neighboring countries | Photo: IOM/Safa Msehli

More than 7,000 Ukrainians fleeing war have arrived in Ireland so far. The IOM is supporting a new reception facility in the Irish capital Dublin to help register the refugees.

The Irish government has set up a new reception facility at Dublin Airport to help register Ukrainian nationals and their family members arriving in the Irish capital from Ukraine. That’s according to a press release on March 17, from the UN Migration Agency (IOM).

IOM has promised to provide technical assistance in the registration and provision of temporary protection status for the Ukranian arrivals. The center will issue social protection (PPSN) numbers to new arrivals as well as help them find accommodation.

More than 7,000 Ukranians have arrived in Ireland since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the German news agency dpa reported on Thursday. More are expected in the coming weeks.

IOM supports Irish government

"We are honored to be supporting the Government of Ireland in its rapid and comprehensive response to the Ukranian crisis," said Lalini Veerassamy, IOM’s Chief of Mission in Ireland. "This partnership will help to facilitate the safe and orderly arrival of Ukranian nationals to Ireland."

All Ukranian nationals and third-country nationals affected by the conflict in Ukraine will be able to access work, housing and social benefits for one year in Ireland without having to make an application for international protection, stated the IOM.

The Irish government has also waived visa requirements for Ukranian citizens and has asked any airline to accept alternative forms of identification for those who do not have passports.

Three reception centers

There are two further reception centers in Ireland, in Cork, Ireland’s second largest city in the south-west of the country, and Limerick.

On March 9, the Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys and the Minister for Justice Helen McEntee visited the facility at Dublin airport. According to dpa, more than 3,000 Ukranians have already received the temporary protection status needed to start life in their new host country.

In a government press release, Heather Humphreys said that the Irish government was making sure that people can "receive supplementary welfare allowance and child benefit quickly."

Minister Humphreys added that she felt "the people of Ireland will support the people from Ukraine settle in our country and will provide them with the necessary help so that they can rebuild their lives in our country."

All arrivals will be able to access education and healthcare in the country and as Helen McEntee put it, "all that our country has to offer."


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