Migrants land in Roccella Ionica in Calabria, on March 16, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/ANTONELLO LUPIS
Migrants land in Roccella Ionica in Calabria, on March 16, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/ANTONELLO LUPIS

In 2022, a reported 6,701 migrants arrived in Italy from the Mediterranean -- around half were rescued at sea and the other half landed on their own. Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese warned that arrivals could increase due to a food crisis in countries of departure caused by the war in Ukraine.

A reported 6,701 migrants have reached Italy from the Mediterranean in 2022, Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese told parliament's Schengen committee on Wednesday, March 30. They included 3,323 people who were rescued at sea and 3,378 through autonomous landings.

Those rescued at sea included 1,595 persons who were rescued by private NGOs.

Lamorgese recalled that the majority "continues to depart from Libya (4,236) and Tunisia (1,494)", although "lately pressure from these two countries has reportedly decreased".

The minister then warned about a "likely food crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine, since countries like Tunisia import wheat from Ukraine and Russia." This could have an impact on migration flows, noted the interior minister.

475 unaccompanied minors have arrived from Ukraine

On the topic of unaccompanied Ukrainian minors in Italy, the minister said that there are currently 475 in Italy, including 244 girls and 231 boys. Thirty-eight of them are below the age of 5, said Lamorgese.

She explained that out of the 475 minors, "344 are in families authorized by a minors' court and 94 in authorized facilities. The highest number is in Tuscany (96), followed by Veneto (78), Lombardy (67), Emilia Romagna (48) and Piedmont (39)."

Italian legislation, the minister said, "does not allow to consider family and friends as guardians". Therefore it is necessary to apply to a minors' court to recognize a person accompanying a minor as guardian, she explained.


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