EU interior ministers meet in Tallinn, Estonia, to discuss possible solutions to the migrant crisis. Meanwhile, Amnesty International criticizes the EU for its restrictive measures, and the UNHCR wants to boost its presence in southern Libya, a migrant transit region on the way to Tripoli and Europe. This and more in today's news roundup.

Ministers bloc meeting in TallinnItalian interior minister Marco Minniti said Italy will present its case with "the necessary firmness" when it comes to a proposal for asylum seekers to be taken to other EU ports to share the burden. Click here to read more. 

Amnesty warns that 'reckless' EU policy puts Mediterranean migrants at riskThe rights body has warned that Europe's reliance on Libya in stemming the migrant crisis puts those affected in extreme danger. Migrants risk either dying at sea or face grave rights abuses in Libya, Amnesty said. Click here to read more.

UNHCR boosts presence in southern LibyaThe United Nations refugee agency will soon open 'antennas' in the areas of Kufra, Gatrun and Sebha, stages on the migrant route from Niger and Sudan towards the coast at Tripoli, the main departure point for Europe. Click here to read more.

Support network for LGTB migrants: United Colours is a project founded in Italy to create a permanent European network to support LGBT migrants. The project is currently holding a conference in Palermo with ambassadors of international organizations and associations representing LGBT rights. Click here to read more.



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