From file. A migrant workers' protest in Reggio Calabria  Photo: ARCHIVE / ANSA / Lucio Musolino
From file. A migrant workers' protest in Reggio Calabria Photo: ARCHIVE / ANSA / Lucio Musolino

A study by the Venice-based Fondazione Leone Moressa reports that remittances last year from Italy to immigrants' home countries rose to 7.7 billion dollars, a 12.2% increase on 2020.

Remittances last year from Italy to immigrants' home countries to support their families rose to 7.7 billion dollar, nearing the peak seen in 2011 at 8 billion. This was noted in a study by Leone Moressa foundation of Mestre in Venice on the basis of data from Italy's central bank.

The 2021 figure was a 12.2% increase on 2020 and a 46.3% one on 2016. It now accounts for 0.44% of the GDP.

Bangladesh top destination country

The top country of destination was Bangladesh, with 873 million (11.3% of the total), followed by Pakistan and the Philippines. Down were instead flows towards Eastern Europe, especially as concerns Romania (-8.5%), Ukraine (-8%), and Moldavia (-7.3%).

The reopening of borders seems to have led to more journeys via land by migrants, who often bring gifts and money with them when they go home.

During the lockdown, instead, sending money was the only way to support those left behind.

Figures from the study

Comparing the distribution of remittances in 2021 with that of ten years ago, a large change is seen: in 2011 there was less fragmentation, with 70% of the remittances concentrated towards only seven countries -- and one third to a single country. In 2021, instead, the top seven countries accounted for just over 50%, with none over 12%.

On average, each of the 5.2 million foreign-born residents in Italy sent €125 per month to their country of origin.

Among the top 20 foreign communities in Italy, the highest amounts were seen among Bangladeshi nationals with €460 sent back each month, followed by Senegal with €370.

In general, Asian communities are on average very addition to Bangladesh, people from India, the Philippines, and Pakistan sent an average of over €200 each to their country of origin every month.

Over a fifth of the remittances were from Lombardy (1.75 billion), followed by Lazio with 1.13 billion, then the Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, and Tuscany regions with over €600 million sent in 2021.

At the level of the individual provinces, slightly more money was sent from Rome than Milan, which together account for a fourth of all remittances from Italy.

Following were Naples and Turin with 364 million and 268 million.


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