From file: Refugees from Ukraine on their arrival in Rome, March 28, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/CLAUDIO PERI
From file: Refugees from Ukraine on their arrival in Rome, March 28, 2022 | Photo: ANSA/CLAUDIO PERI

A new app in Italy aims to match Ukrainian nationals with businesses that are seeking employees. The "Mygrants for Ukraine" app will be launched on June 20 as part of World Refugee Day.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, over 128,000 people have arrived in Italy alone. In order to integrate them into the economic and social texture of the country, the "Mygrants for Ukraine" app has been created. It will be launched June 20 as part of World Refugee Day and is marketed as a way to map out, update and validate the skills of Ukrainian nationals in relation to Italy's labour market demands.

Mapping and information

"Following an initial emergency reception phase, there is now the need to make medium and long-term plans," said Mygrants founder Chris Richmond 'Nzi. "The current priority must be the mapping of the skills held by Ukrainian nationals in order to identify the most suitable profession for every single individual."

In accessing Mygrants for Ukraine, "any Ukrainian person can (in Ukrainian or English) create their own account on Mygrants and personalise their information and/or assessment path on the basis of their priorities, or on the basis of their personal or professional ambitions," added Chris Richmond 'Nzi.

"This is not only training: Mygrants for Ukraine provides to all Ukrainian nationals in Italy access to information on the functioning of the asylum system and other immediately useful information."

Platform for enterprises as well

The app aims to generate "dynamic CVs" of its users by highlighting technical skills, education level, and previous work experience as well as transversal, digital, and linguistic skills.

It also includes hobbies and interests.

Mygrants for Ukraine aims to get small and medium-sized firms as well as corporate and employment agencies involved through Pickme, the Mygrants platform for them.

"We are currently working with some public and government institutions to understand how Mygrants for Ukraine can be used by them as well to maximise the socio-professional integration process of Ukrainians already in Italy," Richmond 'Nzi said.

"Obviously we hope that, starting in the next few weeks, other types of public and private organizations (including the National Association of Italian Municipalities, ANCI, the Italian Red Cross, the labor ministry, the interior ministry, etc.) can take part."


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