Daily roundup by InfoMigrants
Daily roundup by InfoMigrants

The German chancellor has rejected a refugee limit for Germany. Bangladesh is becoming one of the largest countries of origin for migrants to Italy. And in Kenya, war refugees are practicing to become athlete champions. This and more in today's news roundup.

Merkel rejects refugee limit for Germany: The German chancellor has rejected calls from her sister party to limit the number of refugees entering Germany. Click here to read more.

Migration from Bangladesh: Bangladesh is now becoming one of the largest countries of origin for migrants to Italy. What are the reasons behind this, and what routes are they taking? Click here to read more.

'Defend Europe' Identitarians charter a ship to return migrants to Africa: European right-wing extremists have chartered a boat and set sail for the Mediterranean to help obstruct the flow of refugees. The so-called Identitarians are just the latest player in a complex flotilla of groups. Click here to read more.

Integration through technology: Suleiman Ali is a Somali refugee who fled violence and traveled to Italy where he now works as a Big Data junior expert. Click here to read more.

Honey that tastes like reception and integration: "Bee My Job" is an Italian training and job placement programme in the beekeeping sector for refugees and asylum seekers. Click here to read more.

In Kenya, war refugees become track and field champions: The Kenyan middle-distance runner Tegla Loroupe, a five-time gold medal winner at the IAAF World Half Marathon, has opened a track and field centre at the Ngong refugee camp in Kenya, for those who are fleeing war. Click here to read more.


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