From file: Migrants walk on a train rail at a farming area near the Evros River in Greece on March 4, 2020 | Photo: Imago
From file: Migrants walk on a train rail at a farming area near the Evros River in Greece on March 4, 2020 | Photo: Imago

A Pakistani migrant has reportedly been killed and a Lebanese migrant has lost her unborn child after attacks by migrant gangs in Northern Greece. According to news reports, migrant gangs regularly rob other migrants near the North Macedonian border.

On Sunday (July 31), migrant gangs reportedly robbed other migrants in northern Greece. During one of the incidents, according to Greek police, a 23-year-old Pakistani was beaten to death in a forest near the city of Kilkis, which is located only 20 kilometers away from the border with North Macedonia.

According to the Greek news agency ANA, a group of Afghans and Syrians are alleged to have attacked the victim and three other migrants with wooden poles, reportedly taking €200 and a mobile phone from them. Four of the alleged perpetrators were arrested, according to ANA.

A few hours later, ANA reported, a pregnant migrant was also robbed in the same area.

Woman loses her unborn child

The Lebanese woman was accompanied by a man believed to be a smuggler, who was transporting the woman and her family toward North Macedonia, according to a press release by the Greek police from Tuesday (August 2). The suspected smuggler then allegedly forcibly removed €2,000 from her, injuring her in the process and causing her to lose her unborn baby.

According to police, the suspect also injured a child who tried to help the woman. The woman was taken to hospital, where it was established that she had lost her baby.

Several suspects were located and arrested following coordinated investigations and searches, according to the police press release. One of the suspects has been charged with robbery, bodily harm and termination of pregnancy, police said.

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Robbed on the way to central Europe

Recently, gangs from Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan have allegedly been threatening and robbing migrants time and again, according to news agency dpa. The victims typically follow the path of train tracks in the direction of North Macedonia, ANA reported.

The victims are mostly attempting to reach central Europe along routes from Greece via North Macedonia, dpa reported. Crossing into Greece's neighbor to the north isn't easy as large chunks of the border are secured through high fences. Nevertheless, migrant smugglers find ways through unsecured spots.

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