From file: Deportation flight from Germany | Photo: B. Roessler/dpa/picture-alliance
From file: Deportation flight from Germany | Photo: B. Roessler/dpa/picture-alliance

Almost 6,200 foreigners were deported from Germany between January and June, according to media reports. The main three countries were North Macedonia, Albania and Georgia. Close to €600,000 were reportedly spent on controversial 'mini charter flights' carrying up to only four persons.

In the first six months of 2022, German authorities deported 6,198 foreigners who were obliged to leave the country ('ausreisepflichtig'). That's according to the Sunday (August 21) edition of the Funke Media Group newspapers citing an answer of the federal government to an inquiry by the left-wing faction in the German Parliament.

According to the newspapers, the foreigners were mainly deported to North Macedonia, Albania and Georgia. 230 people were deported to Turkey. An additional 1,826 deportations were carried out to other member states of the European Union as part of the Dublin Regulation. These people were sent back to the first EU country where they first entered the bloc and applied for asylum.

The coalition treaty of the three-party government in Germany stipulates a "deportation offensive to better implement the obligation to leave," the federal interior ministry said in a statement to Funke Media Group.

Convicted criminals and so-called endangerers ('Gefährder') are subject to rules that will make deportations and deportation detention easier, the ministry said further.

Last year saw 11,982 deportations, according to the ministry. In 2020, German authorities deported 10,800 persons, down from 22,100 persons in 2019.

According to German news magazine Der Spiegel, almost 300,000 people were obliged to leave Germany in July.

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'Mini charter flights'

The left-wing faction, meanwhile, sharply criticized the practice of so-called 'mini charter flights', which refer to deportation flights with no more than four persons who are obliged to leave.

Clara Bünger of the Left party told the Funke newspapers that she is "speechless" over the amount of resources the federal government and German states were using to remove people from Germany.

According to the government, German authorities deported 35 persons during the first six months of this year by means of 'mini charter flights'. In some cases, the destination was an EU country.

A total of 167 police officers were reportedly on duty during the 'mini charter' deportation flights. The total cost of the "aircrafts," according to the answer by the federal government, was €580,000.

Back in 2019, 48 persons were deported from Germany on 21 'mini charter flights', with flight costs of €1.35 million, according to the interior ministry. During the first pandemic year 2020, 14 such flights with a total of 39 persons on board left Germany.

In individual cases, the costs of these chartered flights reportedly amounted to over €100,000 per flight for one or two deportees.

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