A Carabinieri patrol unit in Cremona | Photo: ANSA
A Carabinieri patrol unit in Cremona | Photo: ANSA

A man believed to be a migrant or refugee was found dead in the back of a truck trailer in northern Italy. He has not yet been identified. The trailer had travelled from Turkey via ship.

The man was found dead in the sheeted trailer of a truck on Wednesday afternoon (August 24). The vehicle was parked at the logistic hub in the village of Agnadello, in the northern Italian province of Cremona.

Police said that the man's identity or nationality was not yet known, but that he was estimated to be between 35 and 40 years old.

Prosecutors and police did not release much information on the case. Investigators, however, appear to believe that the man was a migrant or refugee, and that he could have boarded the vehicle without the driver's knowledge and most likely died due to the heat and lack of food and water.

The trailer reportedly departed from Turkey and the truck driver reportedly picked up the trailer at an Italian port -- which has not yet been named. The dead body was discovered during the unloading of goods at the Agnadello warehouses.


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