Daily roundup
Daily roundup

The IOM and EU have announced "reintegration assistance" for returning Nigerian migrants. A new report finds there is a pyramid of hatred and racism on the issue of foreigners and migrants in Italy. InfoMigrants takes a look at how the refugee relocation scheme is faring in the EU. This and more in today's news roundup.

Assistance for returning Nigerian migrants: The UN Migration Agency and EU Partners have announced the intention to provide returning Nigerian migrants with "reintegration assistance" in the form of local business projects in Nigeria that create sustainable work opportunities and discourage irregular migration.  Click here to read more.

Ignorance and stereotypes foster hatred in Italy: There is a "pyramid" of hatred, ignorance and racism on the issue of foreigners and migrants in Italy, according to the final report of the Italian parliament's Jo Cox Commission on hatred, intolerance and xenophobia. Click here to read more.

Maritime security expert calls for European naval aid unit: Europe is divided over the refugee crisis and there is no unified approach in response, says Sebastian Bruns. According to the security expert, a joint naval aid unit could provide an opportunity. Click here to read more.

A look at EU relocations:  Relocating refugees from the two main countries of first arrival, Italy and Greece, has proven to be a difficult process in the past two years. When implemented correctly, however, the EU scheme promises lasting solutions for migrants in Europe. Click here to read more. 

Sponsors help reunite refugee families: The German government has been tightening restrictions on people from war-torn countries joining relatives who have found refuge in Germany. But in a few urgent cases, a sponsorship program has been able to help. Click here to watch the report.


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