From file: reception center in Sardinia
From file: reception center in Sardinia

A bomb targeted a migrant reception center in the Sardinian town of Dorgali on Thursday. The explosion severely damaged the facilities but did not lead to casualties.

A bomb attack in the early morning hours of July 27 in Dorgali, Sardinia, could have led to a massacre. It was carried out on a migrant reception center where two workers and 64 migrants were sleeping. The facilities are managed by the ''The Others'' cooperative. 

The attack occurred around 2:30 am in front of a side door of the center. Two Nigerian women suffered minor bruises to their legs when they fell from their beds. The explosion tore off the door entirely and caused major damage to one wing of the facilities. 

An attack that could have been fatal 

Investigators say that the homemade bomb could have killed people.The force of the blast was powerful and could have hit the migrants sleeping a few meters from the side door. The bomb, according to the initial findings of the bomb squad, was made in an artisanal manner. 

Carabinieri have begun an investigation to find those behind the attack. No previous problems or tension with the local population had been reported. 

''Unexpected, migrants are integrated here'' 

''I am dismayed by this vile act against the migrant reception center", Dorgali mayor Maria Itria Francello told ANSA, adding that the news came as a complete surprise to him especially because the town had reacted well to the arrival of migrant youths.

Fancello said that the migrants are well integrated in the area, that they have taken part in 'environmental days', that some are part of a theatre company and that others take part in Italian courses or play football. ''This incident is a bolt of lightning in a clear sky. I hope that the investigation by the Carabinieri find those behind it to bring them to justice.''

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