A publicity poster from the film Tra le Onde --Amid the waves | Photo: ANSA / Eurofilm
A publicity poster from the film Tra le Onde --Amid the waves | Photo: ANSA / Eurofilm

A new film in Italy, Tra le Onde (Amid the waves), uses fiction to look at the issue of immigration in the Mediterranean.

Filmmaker Marco Amenta has chosen to mix reality with a dreamlike vision in his latest film 'Tra le onde' (Amid the waves) which deals with immigration.

The social drama links the story of a former fisherman and his past, represented by a woman who hides a mystery, to the body of a migrant found off the Sicilian island of Lampedusa.

The feature film hitting movie theaters on December 1 with Eurofil, won a prize at the Rome Independent Film Festival - RIFF.

A film that lends itself to different interpretations

Part road movie and part crime drama, the movie stars Salvo (Vincenzo Amato), a former Sicilian fisherman who can't forget the image of the body of a migrant he has seen floating off Lampedusa.

Salvo thus decides to take the body to the final destination the man had desperately tried to reach, before he died.

In this mission, the man involves an important woman in his past, Lea (Sveva Alviti), who hides a mystery. Alviti this year won an award as best actress at RIFF. "She is a dreamlike character, true, simple - she is a very pure woman," Sveva Alviti told ANSA, when asked to explain her character.

Alviti, like Amato, is an internationally recognized actor. "She fights for her love until the end, she is very sweet and intense, and she doesn't need to talk much."

'Respecting dignity'

"'Tra le onde' is a very difficult but special movie, which through the emotions of a love story talks about the importance of respecting the dignity of all those who die at sea while looking for a better future. They aren't just numbers. The beauty of Salvo's character is that he respect the dignity of a migrant he has never met," stressed Alviti.

This film "is coming out at the right time, we are in a terrible historic phase, amid war, a pandemic and political crises.However, we must not give in to the temptation of turning the other way when dealing with human tragedies," she continued.

As an actress, she said she is trying to work "in this direction by accepting projects with a strong social element." Recently the actress has been involved in two other projects with social issues at their heart.

Social issues are important

One is a series H24, broadcast by Franco-German channel Arte last year --a collection of 24 short films made by a collective of European female artists and inspired by real stories about everyday abuses endured by women during the course of a day.

"I am the protagonist of one of the episodes, which also feature actresses such as Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Diane Kruger", said Alviti.

Another project, AKA, is due to stream in May 2023 on Netflix, a film directed by Morgan Dalibert, "in which I interpret a Ukrainian woman whose son is abducted," said the actress.


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