Soldiers securing Bulgaria's borders
Soldiers securing Bulgaria's borders

Bulgaria is stepping up its fight against illegal migration with plans to massively expand securement along its border with Turkey. Defense minister Karakachanov announced an increase in military and surveillance systems.

The Bulgarian-Turkish border is to be divided into five zones, Krasimir Karakachanov told German daily newspaper "Die Welt". "We will send one armed troop to each of these zones to secure the respective border section", he said. "This will include the deployment of highly specialized fighting troops."

Drones and cameras against migrants

600 soldiers are to be deployed in total. "We have seen that the military is more effective than the police when it comes to the securement of the border", the politician explained. Karakachanov further announced the surveillance of migrants with video cameras and drones.

The defense minister criticized the EU for its spineless handling of the migrant crisis on the Mediterranean Sea. "We cannot allow the continued entry of illegal migrants to Europe", he said. "We should send NATO or EU troops to Italy and Greece and secure the external borders of the European Union with the use of armed forces, if necessary."

Krasimir Karakachanov added that the majority of those who reach Europe via the Mediterranean Sea are economic migrants. "They are not prosecuted, they are not in need of protection, they just want to live in a rich western country."

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