Syrian refugee child brides are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in Jordan. Migrant family reunification policies are changing in Italy and a Guinean couple in Germany helps migrants integrate. Read more in today's news summary.

Syrian refugee child brides on the rise in Jordan: The number of Syrian children getting married in Jordan is increasing, according to the United Nations' agency for children, UNICEF. Click here to read more. 

Migrant family reunification procedure changes in Italy: The procedure for family reunification in Italy has changed, enabling foreign citizens legally residing in the country to request the entrance of family members into Italy online. Click here to read more.

Guinean couple in Germany helps African migrants integrate: She is a tailor and he is actively involved in helping African migrants, particularly those from Guinea. The Toure family in Cologne is committed to assisting African migrants integrate into the German society. Click here to read more. 

TV commercial in Italy to change immigration law: A television commercial with the faces of migrants is being used in Italy to revive a campaign to change the country's immigration law. Click here to read more.

Do refugees travel to their home countries on vacation?: The German media has reported that refugees have been vacationing in their countries where they have fled persecution. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel has mentioned the phenomenon. How often has this happened, where is the proof of this occurring and what types of consequences exist for the refugees who do this? Click here to read more.


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