51 refugees who were found in the back of a truck have gone missing. Libyan officers are training in Italy to bolster maritime operations in migrant search and rescue missions and the story of Alaa Hood, a Syrian refugee in Germany.

Migrants found by German police in back of truck go missing: Almost all of the 51 Iraqi refugees found in the back of a truck in the German town of Eisenhüttenstadt on Saturday have gone missing. Officials are waiting to see if the refugees register at another reception center. Click here to read more. 

Libyan officers to be trained in Italy: The first group of Libyan soldiers to take part in a training course to control immigration in Libyan territorial waters has reached Italy. They will receive training on a range of subjects, including navigation, maritime law and rescue operations. Click here to read more.

Alaa Hood: Going back to Syria is not an option: Alaa Houd came to Germany as a refugee in late 2014, before the massive influx of asylum seekers into Europe had begun. Nearly three years later, he is not yet settled. But returning to Syria is impossible. Click here to read more.

First social cafe for asylum seekers in Serbia: Infomigrants looks at the social cafe #RefugeesWelcome in Bogovadja, 70km from Belgrade. It provides a meeting place for asylum seekers at the town's transit center. Click here to read more.


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