News roundup
News roundup

What is Jordan’s policy towards Syrian and Iraqi refugees? Border authorities in the Balkans are attacking migrant children. Amnesty is urging the EU to stop deporting Afghan asylum-seekers. Italy is working towards social cohesion through a theater project, and Syrian women in Cairo have had success with their catering business.

What’s Jordan’s policy towards Syrian and Iraqi refugees? There are currently thousands of refugees in the Kingdom of Jordan, many of whom are from Syria. How does Jordan measure up as a country of refuge?

Doctors Without Borders: Migrant children being abused by EU border authorities: A new Doctors Without Borders report, called Games of Violence, highlights the brutal treatment of migrant children by border authorities in the Balkans.

Amnesty urges EU to stop deporting Afghan asylum-seekers: Amnesty has urged European nations to stop sending Afghans who do not qualify for asylum back to their home country. The human rights group said the policy risked exposing those affected to death and torture.

Italy promotes social cohesion through theater: Free theater courses, aimed at promoting social change, will be starting from mid-October in Italy's capital, Rome. The courses will be open to young Italians and migrants staying at hosting centers.

Successful business in Cairo helps Syrian women, preserves culture: A Syrian catering business, run by a group of women refugees, is serving up mouthwatering Syrian dishes to appreciative customers 


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