A photo from the Coursera for Refugees project | Credit: Coursera
A photo from the Coursera for Refugees project | Credit: Coursera

Coursera for Refugees is a project that offers free online courses run by prestigious universities from around the world to refugees.

The online platform Coursera, which offers online courses in partnership with universities and organizations around the world, has for over a year been implementing the 'Coursera for Refugees' project. The project gives educational opportunities to refugees by offering them scholarships for access to the online lessons made available by the platform. 

Access to education for refugees around the world 

"As a company with a mission to help anyone, anywhere transform their life through access to education, we want to help refugees build career skills, transition into new communities, and find fulfillment during an immensely challenging time in their lives,'' Coursera states on its website. The initiative is open to individual refugees who can apply through a form on the website of the organization in order to receive a scholarship or non-profit organizations to which packages of courses, administrative support and a website will be made available. Coursera for Refugees was launched last year in partnership with the US Department of State and several organizations and universities contribute to the project. 

Education for a new life 

According to the figures available as of June 2017, a year after the launch of the initiative "we've reached more than 5,000 refugees. This number is small compared to the scope of the global refugee crisis, but we hope it's just the beginning'', Coursera noted. The platform ''supported refugee learners in earning more than 1,300 Course Certificates from top universities, logging more than 30,000 learning hours across 800+ courses", "partnered with more than 30 major nonprofits" and "added subtitles in Arabic and other languages to dozens of courses". 

Coursera said that the courses had given refugees a chance to deepen their knowledge and continue their education. "The dedication to education these students demonstrate in the face of unimaginable challenges must be matched by a willingness on the part of government and educational institutions to facilitate their learning, and, ultimately, their ability to build a new life in their host country,'' it noted. ()

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