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Today's news

Demonstrators in Leipzig are protesting the deportations of Afghan asylum seekers there. Syrian refugees who fled the "Islamic State" are now without food and water near the Jordanian border and the UNHCR has debunked four myths about refugees in Italy. This and more in today's roundup.

Demonstrators in Leipzig decry Afghan deportations: Deportations from Germany have resumed after a lengthy moratorium. Protestors noted the recent spate of violence in Kabul, criticizing the government's decision to list Afghanistan as a safe country of origin. Click here to read more.

Germany bound by Dublin III regulations for family reunification: For many asylum seekers in Germany, the anxious wait for family reunification to be approved or for people to be transferred to Germany is a bureaucratic nightmare. But most people are currently at the mercy of an agreement between the German and Greek authorities, which has limited the number of people who can be transferred per month. A recent case from Germany's Administrative Court in Wiesbaden may offer some hope. Click here to read more. 

Syrian refugees near Jordanian border without food and medicine: Nearly 3000 Syrian refugee families who fled violence in Deir al Zour and Raqqa are living in dire conditions just one kilometer outside the border with Jordan, after the country refused them entry. Displaced Syrians are flocking to the Jordanian borders in the aftermath of bloody fighting against the Islamic State in Deir al Zour and Raqqa, but Jordan is refusing to allow refugees enter its territories, leaving dozens of womens and children in need of urgent aid, activists said today. Click here to read more.

UNHCR debunks four myths on refugees in Italy: A recent article by the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR together with data project Open Migration used fact-checking and figures to debunk four of the main falsehoods regarding refugees in Italy - from being hosted in luxury hotels, to a daily stipend of 35 euros per migrants, smartphones are a sign of their wealth, and there is currently an "invasion" of foreigners. Click here to read more.

Dear Germany: 'Peace and Security are not everything' (Part 4): How do refugee journalists view their new lives in Germany? In the video series "Dear Germany," Moses Ebokorait asks for better economic policies, so that refugees can build a career. Click here to read more.


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