Today's news: october 25, 2017
Today's news: october 25, 2017

Could the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh impact the number of Bangladeshis migrating to Europe : InfoMigrants looks for answers. According to investigative reports by German media ZDF, security staff at reception centers in Berlin have lured refugees into prostitution and a case of family separation in Spain has now made it to the European Court of Human Rights. This and more in the daily InfoMigrants news roundup.

Could the Rohingya crisis impact the number of refugees coming to Europe? Hundreds of thousands of people belonging to the Muslim Rohingya community have fled to Bangladesh after being pushed out by local ethnic groups in Myanmar. Could the crisis spill over to Europe? Click here to read more. 

Berlin security staff pushed young refugees into prostitution: Young refugees, including minors, have been lured into prostitution by the security guards hired to protect them. Insiders have told a German public broadcaster that the guards pay high prices for young refugees. Click here to read more.

Refugee separated from her 4-year-old son for 6 months in Spain: A four-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast and his mother have been staying in two separate reception centers in Spain for over 6 months. The case has now gone before the European Court of Human Rights. Click here to read more.

Get refugees off island ghettos: Greek rights groups: Greece's anti-racism and anti-fascism organization (KEEFA) made an impassioned plea to solidarity groups around the country to unite against the "increased racist and fascist threat" on Lesvos and other Aegean islands due to the intensifying migrant crisis. Click here to read more.

Surge in migrant landings off Spanish coast, traffickers abandon boats at sea: A sharp uptick in boats arriving off the shores of Spain was seen over the weekend. About 400 migrants arrived onboard about 20 boats on the coasts of Andalusia, the island of Mallorca and the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa. Click here to read more.

'I've suffered so much': This is the story of Aisha, a woman who fled from Ivory Coast to save her daughter from genital mutilation, but ended up in the hands of people smugglers. Click here to read more.


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