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"Bury me, my Love" is an interactive video game that allows players to immerse themselves in the dangerous journey of a Syrian girl who is searching for a better future in Europe.

A new interactive text-based video game inspired by a migrant's true story allows users to simulate fleeing Syria for Europe. The game features a fictional character named Nour, from the city of Homs, where bombs have been falling for years, reducing the city to rubble and sowing death. 

On September 30, 2015, death was also unleashed on the city. That was the day Nour lost her younger sister and decided she couldn't continue to live with the war, so she fled for Europe in search of a better life. The video game, titled "Bury me, my Love", takes users into Nour's life and her relationship with her husband Majd, who can't leave the country because he has to look after his own family. 

Every choice has a consequence 

"Bury me, my Love is a reality-inspired interactive fiction designed for mobile phones," the game's developers said on their website for the smartphone application released at the end of October and available on iOS and Android. "We imagined its core mechanics with two main references in mind: WhatsApp and Lifeline. You and your virtual counterpart Majd will be able to communicate with Nour and follow her journey, just as if you were chatting with her via WhatsApp. You will text each other and exchange emojis, pics and selfies, relevant links". 

During the different phases of the game, the user has to make important decisions, such as choosing what to respond to in messages to Nour, and every choice brings a consequence. "Contrary to lots of other interactive fictions, your choices in Bury me, my Love really have an impact on the story. This is, for us, a very efficient way to render the complex situations migrants are in, and the weight their choices often have". 

The player must give Nour advice on what to do if she finds a border crossing closed and who to trust on her journey, and each choice has a resulting consequence for the character. 

Inspired by a migrant's true story 

"In Arabic, "Bury me, my Love" is an expression that means "Take care", "Don't even think about dying before I do", the game's developers said. These are the last words that Dana's mother said to her before Dana left Syria on September 19, 2015, for Germany. The text-based video game isn't Dana's biography, but the game's developers said it takes inspiration from her story, "thanks to Lucie Soullier, a journalist at, and to her article, "Le Voyage d'une migrante Syrienne à travers son fil WhatsApp" (The Journey of a Syrian Migrant, as Told by her WhatsApp Messages)". The characters Nour and Majd are fictional."They do not exist, or rather, they exist collectively. They are a multitude of men, women and children: Dana, her mother, her brother-in-law… as well as thousands of others who flee their country - or watch their relatives flee - all in hopes of finding a better life in Europe". 

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