November 15, 2017
November 15, 2017

A CNN report shows human beings being auctioned off in Libya. A new project in Italy finds Italian hosts for newcomers and find out why Sundays are so quiet in Germany. All this and more in today's news summary.

CNN reporters show migrants auctioned off in Libya: Auctions of human beings, eerily similar to when slaves were sold at auction, are taking place in Libya. This is according to an exclusive CNN report that shows images of young migrants sold by human traffickers. Read more here.

Italian families host refugees: Project Vesta is an initiative by the Camelot Cooperative that allows refugees and protected status-holders to be hosted by Italian families and facilitate their inclusion in Italian society. Read more here.

Ivory Coast mother and son reunited after seven months: A mother from the Ivory Coast was able to embrace her four-year-old son for the first time in several months. Oumo Totopa was at a reception center in Spain awaiting to be reunited with her son, who was held at a center in Melilla. Click here to read more.

'Hello Hope' app helps Syrians learn Turkish: A smartphone app called "Merhaba Umut" (Hello Hope), designed by mobile phone operator Turkcell, helps Syrian refugees arriving in Turkey learn the local language and integrate. Read more here.

Why are Sundays so quiet in Germany?: Sundays are usually very quiet in Germany. It can seem as if there is nothing open, no one is doing any housework and it seems a few more people are walking about outside. This is due to the laws that dictate life in Germany on these days. Click here to read more.


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