November 16, 2017
November 16, 2017

An InfoMigrants special looks into why black refugees rarely apply for asylum in Spain's Melilla enclave. A new report has found that migrants in Germany are still at a disadvantage compared to locals and find out how to differentiate between fake and real news on social media.

Melilla: No asylum for black men: Most of the refugees arriving in Melilla, a Spanish exclave in Northern Africa, are Syrians, Yemenis and Algerians. But no blacks apply for asylum on the border. Why is that? Santiago Saez reports from Melilla. Read more here.

Migrants in Germany continue to be at a disadvantage: A recent report by the German Federal Statistical Office has found that people with a migration background differ markedly from those without a migration background in key areas, such as education, the labor market and income. Read more here.

Greek and Italian migrant 'hotspots' have fundamental human rights issues: At European hotspots in Greece and Italy, migrants face unsustainable living conditions and serious human rights violations. Read more here.

Child from Sierra Leone found alone on cargo train to Brenner: Mystery surrounds the discovery of a five-year-old boy from Sierra Leone who was found abandoned on a cargo train at the Brenner Pass. The small child was found with a backpack containing women's clothing. Read more here.

Fake news or fact?: How do you differentiate between news stories that are true and those that simply spread rumors? Here are a few tips to help you tell the difference between fact and fiction on social media. Read more here.


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