Screenshot of the Ensemble en France website
Screenshot of the Ensemble en France website

Ensemble en France is an informational website created with the support of the French Interior Ministry to help foreigners discover France, its values, and its society.

Ensemble en France is a web platform ( created by France Terre d'Asile with the support of the French Interior Ministry and France Fraternites that offers a free informational programme for migrants and asylum seekers to discover the French Republic and its values. 

"From lived experiences to commentary by experts, from diverse resources to interactive and fun activities, the program guides the user through the fabric of the French Republic. It helps foreigners to understand our value system and our republican pact," the site said. 

Art and interactivity for discovering France 

The initiative consists in a series of online resources that anyone can access through registration on the project's website. Ensemble en France is made up of French elements such as "images, paintings, photography, art and history to decipher the complexity of the fundamentals of social cohesion". 

The programme was developed by an educational team specialized in foreign languages and civic education. It created interactive tools such as brief videos, quizzes, badges to earn, and drawings. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Laïcité, School, Family, Europe… You will know all there is to know about the principles of the French Republic and their day-to-day applications," the site said. 

Freely accessible tools for integration 

Ensemble en France is a project open to anyone curious to discover the values of French society and the useful tools for life in the country. It is particularly aimed at refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants who wish to build their future in the country. The programme's users choose the path to follow on the site. "Watch a film here, fill out a quiz there, intercultural case studies elsewhere… Come and go as you like.You can track your progress, and your efforts to learn will be rewarded," the site said. 

In addition to resources on the website, there are also social media pages that give new ideas each day for language learning and other useful elements in helping foreigners learn about France. The initiative's goal is "to pass on our conception of life together and to clarify a number of misunderstandings rooted in cultural differences" and to "help ease the integration process for foreigners residing in France and to open up to differing conceptions of the world. To bet on mutual enrichment and respect, on dialogue and knowledge". 

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