A picture of the project. Credit: Programma Integra
A picture of the project. Credit: Programma Integra

Never Alone is a project in Italy that offers training, job orientation, internships, and housing independence to unaccompanied foreign minors in Turin, Catania, and Rome.

Never Alone is a project that aims to accompany foreign unaccompanied minors in specific training programmes and help them move towards social and professional autonomy. The initiative is aimed at minors who arrive alone in Italy, and is coordinated by Save the Children Italy. Partners include the City of Turin, the City of Catania, the organizations Esserci, Terre Mondo, Futura 89, Prospettiva Futuro, Civico Zero Cooperative, and the Centro Astalli Association. 

"Never Alone" for becoming independent

The project aims to create a long-term system of integration for unaccompanied foreign minors in order to provide them with information about opportunities in the job market and to give them the tools necessary to gain access. Never Alone began in April of this year in Rome, Catania, and Turin. 

"The activities are mirrored for each of the three cities with a production chain that includes Italian language lessons for young people, courses on job training, internship placement. It also includes processes for housing autonomy with orientation and accompaniment activities," Sara Nicu, the programme coordinator for the organization Programma Integra, told ANSA. 

Programma Integra handles the job placement part for the initiative in Rome. "The idea is to help them, following the job search, to also have a home so they can be independent of the migrant reception network," she said. 

The programme is structured in a modular fashion, with activities that can be completed entirely or in part, based on each individual's needs. 

Activities to facilitate integration 

As of now, two Italian language courses have already been completed by Civico Zero, the day centre for foreign minors run by Save the Children in Rome. The young people are then placed in job orientation courses run by Programma Integra. Sara Nicu said her organization has already completed one of those courses last week with 14 young men. The participants ranged in age from 17 to 21 and were from Egypt, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast. Another course will be starting in the coming days. 

Following orientation, the young people are sent to job interviews for internships in various companies and organizations, including the Bilateral Tourist Board of Lazio (EBTL). "The young participants are responding really well", Nicu said. 

"The passage to adult age also includes difficulties with regard to housing", Nicu explained. "They are forced from group homes and aren't always able to gain access into the migrant reception network for adults." Through its various processes, the programme aims to give the young participants more solid autonomy in terms of what they will have to face alone. "Never Alone creates a bridge between minor and adult age that increases the probabilities of integration success".

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