TrovaSocial website | Credit:
TrovaSocial website | Credit:

TrovaSocial is a website that brings together 300 services across Italy that work for foreigners and the disadvantages in an attempt to foster integration.

TrovaSocial is a website set up by the Italian cooperative Itinere that tries to bring together all the services in the country that facilitate the integration of migrants and people in difficult economic situations. Users can navigate through an interactive map, colors of the points on the map correspond to the types of services offered such as orientation, soup kitchens, food distribution, clinics, medical treatment, education, or jobs and training. 

By clicking on the icons, the user can see the list of services available in a particular location alongside the opening hours, telephone number(s) and brief descriptions. Some 300 services have been listed thus far by TrovaSocial, the largest concentration of which are near the capital, Rome.

Free services for refugees 

The platform is free of charge to all but targets foreigners and those working in the services sector. It provides a regularly updated map of services available in different areas for those in difficult situations, such as the homeless, unaccompanied minors, migrants, political refugees, those granted international protection, asylum seekers and women who are victims of human trafficking. 

To contact TrovaSocial as a service, you can write to 

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