Credit: Stefano Intreccialagli/ANSA
Credit: Stefano Intreccialagli/ANSA

The Rome branch of the Community of Sant'Egidio has presented its 2018 edition of its 'Where to Eat, Sleep, Wash' guidebook. The publication brings together listings of public and private services that can be useful for both foreigners and the disadvantaged in Rome.

The guide offers an overview of soup kitchens, meals in the streets, reception centers, places to wash, get medical treatment, legal assistance and other services in the Italian capital. 

'Where to Eat, Sleep, Wash' was published by the Community of Sant'Egidio. Both public and private services for foreigners and Italians in need are included. The 253-page guide is divided into 14 sections and contains information on access to the registry, healthcare assistance, professional training, jobs, social services and lodgings. 

You can download the guide for Rome by following the download link here

Dozens of services across the city 

The guide is ''a very useful tool, both for those working as a volunteer and for the homeless,'' underscored Sant'Egidio chief Marco Impagliazzo during the presentation in Rome. He added that ever more services were being added.

Some 41 soup kitchens are listed in the guide and 40 meals in the streets of Rome. The guide includes 47 permanent centers to sleep in, 27 places to shower, 39 medical treatment centers, 166 counseling centers, 7 nurseries and private schools for foreign children, 11 centers for human trafficking victims, 24 Italian language schools (11 of which are run by Sant'Egidio) and 5 training courses for cultural mediators. 

Orientation and assistance tool

The Community of Sant'Egidio calculates that there are about 7,500 people living in the streets or makeshift lodgings in Rome, about 3,000 of whom sleep in the streets and about 2,000 in squats or illegal settlements. The main problem, Impagliazzo said, was the winter cold, ''like every year''. 

''The municipality is late,'' he added. ''What we are asking is for the administration to make official announcements'' about the assigning of places in reception centers ''a few months earlier, since now there is no longer enough time''. 

Guide ''helps foreigners'' 

The guide is tailored to help foreigners a great deal since it includes ''all reception facilities available for non-Italians'', said Daniela Pompei, Sant'Egidio chief for immigrant services. One section is entirely on services for migrants and refugees. The guide is in high demand among those working with migrants in public services and reception centers, according to Pompei. 

The guide is written in Italian but includes universally recognizable symbols for basic needs. 

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