A photo from the presentation of the report in Rome Credit: Stefano Intreccialagli/ANSA
A photo from the presentation of the report in Rome Credit: Stefano Intreccialagli/ANSA

A recent IDOS Report Shows a growth in Italy of migrant-run Enterprises of 3.7 percent in 2016. These businesses also account for 6.9 percent of the value added creation in the country, IDOS said.

 In Italy, the number of immigrant-run enterprises rose 3.7 percent on the previous year and 25.8 percent in the last five years. The figures were included in the 2017 Immigration and Entrepreneurship report by the Study and Research Centre/Statistical Dossier on Immigration (IDOS). IDOS underscored that immigrant-run businesses account for 6.9 percent or 102 billion euros of value added creation. The report also shows, however, that immigrant entrepreneurship is ''curbed by the development of systemic characteristics of the country and the specific weakness of the socio-employment profile of migrants,'' said Maria Paola Nanni, who curated the IDOS report, in in presenting it in Rome.

 Italian enterprises stagnant, immigrant-run ones growing

 At the European level, Italy stands out for being the top country in terms of entrepreneurial initiative, accounting for a sixth of the total number of self-employed workers counted by Eurostat in the EU-28 (15.5 percent), coming in third for the number of foreign-born entrepreneurs and self-employed workers (14 percent and 6 percent of the national total) and the top in terms of the number of non-EU citizens in the same job (non-EU citizens account for 73.2 percent of immigrants, compared with an average of 47.8 percent). While the number of enterprises run by Italian-born workers (-2.7 percent at the end of 2011) was basically stagnant in 2016 yet again at -0.1 percent, immigrant-run ones have risen by 25.8 percent since 2011 and by 3.7 percent in 2016. In late 2016 there were over 571,255 independent, immigrant-run business activities, accounting for 9.4 percent of all the companies in the country.

Trade and construction as main sectors

 Trade and construction continue to be the main areas in which immigrant start businesses in Italy, alone accounting for almost 6 out of every 10 enterprises (338,000 - 36.2 percent in trade and 22.9 percent in construction). Standing out for having experienced the highest growth in the past year and in the 2011-2016 period are services enterprises and those in the lodging and restaurant sector (which grew by 6.7 percent and 6.5 percent in the past year and by 77.5 percent and 46 percent since 2011, respectively), followed by industry (30.8 percent). Few immigrants run businesses in the agriculture sector (2.7 percent). The lion's share in terms of nationality is held by Moroccans (14.5% of all immigrants running individual businesses across Italy) and Chinese nationals (11.4 percent). Some 10.6 percent are run by Romanians and 6.9 percent by Albanians. Most are still located in the center-north part of the country. 


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