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Today's news

Milan puts an initiative to help migrants work into action. A lawyer talks about the ins and outs of German law that allow the state to separate parents and children, and Italy is seeing more migrant-run businesses.

'Bella Milano' project kicks off, refugees cleaning city: The 'Bella Milano' ('Beautiful Milan') project, was launched by the town council to get the unemployed, asylum seekers and those who have requested citizenship involved in activities to clean up the city. Read more here.

Parents losing custody of their children in Germany – reasons and procedures: What are the conditions for German authorities to withdraw custody of children? Is the phenomenon limited to refugees, and is there any way to restore custody? Read more here.

Migrant-run businesses on the rise in Italy, up 3.7 percent in 2016: In Italy, the number of immigrant-run enterprises rose 3.7 percent on the previous year and 25.8 percent in the last five years. Read more here. 

Refugee help: many volunteers have bailed: Two years ago, refugee initiative projects were inundated with people who wanted to help. In recent months the desire to help has gone away, even though help is still urgently needed. Read more here.

'They call us the dirty Afghans:' They are poor and do not have rights. More than 500,000 Afghan refugees have been deported from Iran and Pakistan. DW correspondent Shoaib Tanha met the returnees and assistants in the Afghan border town Islam of Qala. Read more here.


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