December 20, 2017
December 20, 2017

France has taken in a first group of refugees from Africa as part of a scheme agreed upon by African and European leaders. A Moroccan migrant tells of his exile in Italy, and a look at refugee camps in different parts of Greece. This and more in today's roundup.

France takes in first group of refugees from Africa:The first African refugees have arrived in France under a scheme to bring selected vulnerable people directly to Europe. The move comes amid UN, European and African efforts to stop treacherous Mediterranean crossings, and to head off illegal migration.

Picture gallery:  A look at refugee camps in Greece: In the last three years, thousands of migrants have arrived in Greece, most of them on the way to other countries. The InfoMigrants team visited some of the refugee camps on the Greek mainland.

7 arrested in Italy for forcing Nigerians into prostitution: Seven people have been arrested in Italy on charges of reducing young Nigerian women into slavery. The victims were forced into prostitution using abuse and voodoo rites.

Children of foreigners in Italy call for citizenship reform: Nine children tell of their experience as Italian children of foreign parents, their relationship with their country of origin and future aspirations. On the occasion of international migrants day, the video messages aim to call for the approval of the citizenship reform in Italy.

In 'Hijra', a Moroccan migrant tells of his exile in Italy: "Hijra - The exile of the flautist" is a musical performance by Moroccan artist Nour Eddine Fatty where he recalls his migration experience to remind Italians that they are a welcoming people. He uses his recital with the flute to tell of the merits, demerits and contradictions of being a Muslim migrant in Italy. 




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