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Today's news

Syrian folk bands are jamming their local tunes in Germany. DW takes a look at the women of the Greek refugee camps and how is iris scan technology being used to allocate aid to refugees?

Syrian refugees established folk bands in Germany: Syrian refugees have formed traditional “Arada” musical groups in some German cities. Representatives from the groups say the goal is to preserve the Arab Levantine heritage and show its beauty to the Germans - with some of the pieces even being written in the German language.

Looking to the future: strong women of the Greek refugee camps: They have fled from wars, persecution and sexual abuse - and have a strong will to move on. DW talked to women in several refugee centers in Greece about their hopes for the future and their adventurous journey.

Blockchain in a refugee camp: In a store at a UN refugee camp near the Syrian border, iris scan technology is being used to allocate aid. It allows refugees' needs in individual camps to be tracked.


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