Credit: ANSA archive
Credit: ANSA archive

This is the story of Ruhid Ahmed, who arrived in Italy from Bangladesh via Libya. He nearly lost his hearing due to beatings he was subjected to during detention in the African country.

Ruhid Ahmed is 18 years old and searched for his brother in Bangladesh, Libya and Italy. When he finally managed to embrace his brother, he was at risk of completely losing his hearing due to the beatings he suffered through during imprisonment in Libya. But that was taken are of thanks to surgery he received in Naples.

Violence in Libya

Ruhid arrived in Libya in 2016 and was supposed to set sail for Italy, but he was abducted by a group of local traffickers and held prisoner. Ruhid was held in exchange for money on top of what he had already paid for his journey. He was beaten repeatedly by his captors. When he finally reached Italy he suffered from intense earaches, headaches and tinnitus for over a year.

Treatment in Naples

Eventually, Ruhid decided to seek medical help from the Ospedale del Mare in east Naples. Doctors there performed a tympanoplasty under the direction of Professor Giuseppe Tortoriello to remove a non-organic substance from his ear canal. Local health director Mario Forlenza expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the operation and said he intends to organize a public event to publicize "the medical excellence at the hospital."


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