Refugees in a camp on the outskirts of Tripoli, Libya | Credit: ARCHIVE/EPA
Refugees in a camp on the outskirts of Tripoli, Libya | Credit: ARCHIVE/EPA

The Italian Refugee Council will be implementing projects in Libya to improve the lives of displaced people, refugees and migrants in the civil war-torn country. Measures will include setting up mobile health care centers and improving the water supply.

The Italian Refugee Council (CIR) has signed two contracts with the Libyan branch of the UNHCR to implement development and protection activities for refugees, migrants and the internally displaced. 

CIR will be implementing 140 projects in three cities located in northern Libya along the coast - Tripoli, Zuwarah and Sirte, as well as in the Tawargha region and the Fezzan region in southern Libya. Their projects will be drawn up with the help of local authorities, the UNHCR and local professional bodies and associations, in order to best serve the local communities' needs. 

Refugees, migrants and Libyans displaced by the war will be involved in the various phases of the project implementation in order to create jobs and integration in the local community. 

In many regions on Libya, people are suffering from the consequences of the civil war that has been raging since 2014.

Healthcare and protection for refugees and displaced people

CIR's activities will include

  • the digging of wells and other measures to improve water systems - especially to support healthcare facilities
  • the creation of protected areas for children
  • the reorganization of waste management 
  • the promotion of job and development projects. 

CIR will also organize mobile healthcare units in Sebha, Obari, Ghat, Gatroun, Kufra and Sirte, in order to provide medical care in isolated areas. They will also be involved in setting up and managing two Community Development Centers. These centers will provide basic humanitarian, medical, legal and psychological assistance for migrants and refugees. 


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